I Fought a Rock and the Rock Won

I fought a rock and the rock won.

Who steps on a small rock — actually, it was more of a large pebble — and breaks her foot? Well, that would be me. Early last week I was doing what everyone does. I was walking to my car while checking messages on my phone. I don’t know if I was distracted or if I need remedial walking lessons. All I know is that when the pebble popped out into my path, I turned my left ankle toward the inside so much that I stretched the dickens out of my foot that it caused it to break. It was a clean break. My doc says this is great — I only need a boot or brace for three months!

Yeah. Really great. I didn’t set the doc straight on his misguided definition of great.

Back to the rock. When I looked at the rock after the “big fight” I was shocked at the size of the evil culprit. I’ve flossed similar sized objects from my mouth. My foot hurt so badly that I assumed Goliath might be lying nearby with a rock-shot to the head. But, no. It was the size of ¬†nickel. Isn’t it funny how the smallest obstacles can knock us flat? I think about the other “rocks” in my life and wonder how I’m fairing with those.

Small “rocks” causing me to tumble over myself:

  1. A good book. The world can fall to ashes around me and I’d never know if I have a good book to read. This could border on obsession.
  2. Chips in the house. Dip, too. 
  3. Distractions. I’m not ADD but am easily distracted by new things, pretty things, and unusual things. As much as I love Pinterest, I’ve allowed it to grow into a boulder blocking my path and absorbing my time.
  4. Sin. The little ones chisel away at the good parts of me. Some days it’s more of a one step forward, two knocks back. Yet, if I look at my faith as a rock (and not the sin) I am very happy that the rock always seems to win. It’s all about perspective.

Life isn’t a fast-paced affair for me. I stay very busy, but I have learned to relax about my work, responsibilities, and other obligations. Yet, it looks like I’ll be slowing down a bit more for the remainder of 2013. I imagine I will do battle with a few more rocks along the way. And, if history is any indication, the rocks are likely to win. As long as my right foot stays in tact, I think I can live with that.

One thought on “I Fought a Rock and the Rock Won

  1. Jennifer,
    For all the rocks, there are so many treasures that you create for all of us: your passion for learning, your love of your students and your work, your embrace of the latest technology, and your tireless work on behalf of teachers and students.

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